Information About Surgical Treatments Retinal Conditions

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Depending on your specific retina condition, surgery may be part of your treatment plan.

Cryopexy is a treatment that uses cold therapy to help treat retinal tears and detachments while destroying any existing abnormal tissue.

Dr. Amy C. Schefler performs enucleation (surgical removal of the eye) operations for patients with uveal melanoma or a severe disease of the eyeball.

By removing eye's vitreous gel (vitrectomy), our doctors can treat a retinal detachment, remove scar tissue, and diagnose other disorders of the eye.

Our board-certified retinal surgeons have performed numerous pneumatic retinopexy procedures to repair a retinal detachment or a horseshoe tear.

A scleral buckle surgery is effective in repairing retinal detachments, breaks, and holes in the retina and can be combined with cryopexy or lasers.

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