Ocular Trauma (Eye Injuries, Corneal Lacerations, Ruptured Globe) – Houston, TX

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About Ocular Trauma

Trauma to the face and eye area is typically unexpected and can be devastating. There are almost two million instances of eye injury per year in the United States, and it is the number one cause of vision loss in people under the age of 25.

Causes And Symptoms

There are several common ways in which people injure an eye, including falling, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, flying debris, and chemical injury. Particularly dangerous activities include the use of fireworks, paintball, and hammering metal. While many instances of ocular trauma occur during sports-related activities, more than 40 percent of ocular injuries occur inside the home.

Symptoms from an eye injury can include:

  • Eye pain
  • Redness or discoloration
  • Swelling or bleeding
  • Discomfort when blinking or moving the eye
  • Irregularity in the pupils

Ocular injuries, if severe, can also cause damage to the retina, leading to inflammation, rupturing of the layer beneath the retina, hemorrhages, retinal tears, or even retinal detachments.

Prevention of Ocular Trauma

Fortunately, 90 percent of ocular trauma can be prevented by using necessary precaution and protective eyewear. We encourage everyone to use appropriate eye safety protection during activities that involve any potential risk to the eye.

Diagnosis and Treatment

You should seek immediate treatment from an ophthalmologist following an eye injury. In many cases, there are effective medical and surgical management options. Retina Consultants of Houston specializes in handling vitreoretinal complications that can occur as the result of an eye injury.

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Full recovery from ocular trauma is highly dependent on your ability to seek immediate medical attention, and the first evaluation after the accident is crucial. That's why it's important to receive help from experienced specialists like the board-certified retina surgeons at Retina Consultants of Houston, who can determine the appropriate steps and treatments to restore your health and preserve your vision as best as possible. Call one of our Houston offices today if you're suffering from an eye injury. 

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