Meet Our Team

13 Team Members
  • Matthew S. Benz, M.D.

    Matthew S. Benz, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Matthew S. Benz is a Houston, TX board-certified retina surgeon specializing in all areas of vitreoretinal diseases and conditions.

  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Retina Consultants of Houston

    Across all of our locations, our team at Retina Consultants of Houston hires amazing people to assist in your surgical and nonsurgical retina care.

  • David M. Brown, M.D.

    David M. Brown, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. David M. Brown is a board-certified retina surgeon with a special interest in age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

  • Eric Chen, M.D.

    Eric Chen, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Chen completed his medical training at some of the most prestigious schools in the nation and now serves as one of our skilled retina surgeons.

  • Richard H. Fish, M.D.

    Richard H. Fish, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Houston, TX native Dr. Richard H. Fish is a board-certified retina surgeon with a unique focus on neuro-ophthalmologic disorders of the eye.

  • Christopher R. Henry, M.D.

    Christopher R. Henry, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Christopher R. Henry is a board-certified retina surgeon offering the latest treatments for retinal diseases, with a special focus on uveitis.

  • Rosa Y. Kim, M.D.

    Rosa Y. Kim, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    With a unique focus on uveitis, Dr. Rosa Y. Kim is a board-certified retina surgeon who specializes in all aspects of vitreoretinal disease.

  • James C. Major, Jr., MD, PhD

    James C. Major, Jr., MD, PhD

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. James C. Major is a second generation ophthalmologist serving as a Houston, TX board-certified retinal surgeon and an expert in ocular trauma.

  • Ronan E. O’Malley, M.D.

    Ronan E. O’Malley, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Ronan E. O’Malley is a Houston, TX board-certified retinal surgeon. Originally from Ireland, he is skilled to treat complex retinal conditions.

  • Amy C. Schefler, M.D.

    Amy C. Schefler, M.D.

    Ocular Oncologist

    Dr. Amy C. Schefler is a board-certified ophthalmologist performing retinal surgery with a focus in ocular oncology, an area she directs at RCH.

  • Ankoor R. Shah, M.D.

    Ankoor R. Shah, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Ankoor R. Shah is a Houston board-certified retina surgeon who is skilled to treat vitreoretinal diseases that affect both children and adults.

  • Tien P. Wong, M.D.

    Tien P. Wong, M.D.

    Retina Surgeon

    Dr. Tien P. Wong grew up in the area and serves patients throughout the city as a board-certified retina surgeon at Retina Consultants of Houston.