Intraocular Infections (Endophthalmitis)

The outside of the eye is usually the most commonly infected area and can result in varying degrees of conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers. However infections can also affect the inside of the eye. These intraocular (inside the eye) infections are generally more severe and sight-threatening. Of these endophthalmitis is perhaps the most devastating. Endophthalmitis means the entire eye, from the outside to the inside, is infected. This can result from penetrating trauma to the eye, an infection in the body that travels to the eye or after intraocular injections (injection of medicine inside the eye) or intraocular surgery (surgery inside the eye). Endophthalmitis is an ocular emergency. After a sample of the eye fluid is taken for culture (to find out what organism caused the infection) it is generally treated by injecting powerful antibiotics into the eye or, in severe cases, with surgery. The sooner the endophthalmitis is treated the better the outcome.

Retina Consultants of Houston is specialized in handling the vitreoretinal complications that can result from intraocular infections.